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 All our massages include a hot towel foot massage. Also expect to receive your full time from start to finish so long as you arrive at the time of or before your scheduled appointment. We also offer add on services for an additional cost such as our aromatherapy listed below. Please ask your therapist for more details.


One of the more common styles. Your therapist will use gliding, kneading, friction, and vibration techniques to help ease and reduce muscle tension. This is a light to firm pressure massage aimed on relaxation and de-stressing the mind and body.

Benefits: increased circulation, boosted immune system, reduced muscle tension, over all sense of relaxation

Deep Tissue

Another common style. Your therapist will use deep slow strokes to penetrate the various layers of tension. This is a firm/medium to deep pressure. Be sure to communicate with your therapist on your preferences before and during the massage.

Benefits: Increased range of motion, reduction of knots, promoting circulation to stagnant areas of the body.


Perfect for someone seeking pain management from accident, or injury, post surgery. This is a customized experience based on a clients personal needs, and problem areas, and include various techniques and stretches. This is a light to deep pressure massage based on your preferences.

Benefits: Ease of daily pain(s), reduced tension, and increased range of motion.


The use of therapeutic grade pure essential oils with different therapeutic benefits; such as Lavender (relaxation), and Eucalyptus (respiratory and congestion). These and many others can be incorporated into your massage session in various ways. Ask your therapist for more details.

Benefits: Promotes Relaxation, Reduced Anxiety, Immune Support, Respiratory Health Benefits, Energy Boost, and Mental Clarity.


This is a specialty massage. Extremely beneficial for both mother and child. This massage is side lying, and catered to the special needs of an expectant mothers delicate body. It can also include a light and soothing abdominal massage to include the baby in your experience. This is completely optional and based on the mothers preference and level of comfort. This is a light to firm/medium pressured massage.

Benefits: Reduced tension and lower back pain, improved circulation, relaxation for both mother and child


The theory in which pressure applied to specific points in the foot correspond to different organs in the body to promote relaxation and health to those specific areas. All our massages include a relaxing hot towel foot massage which incorporates reflexology techniques to further promote over all health and wellness, and ease tension from daily activity.

Benefits: Ease of overall tension and stress, promotes healthy energy known as “Chi” to various points in the body.

massage makes a difference

Massage is so much more than just a fun luxury item on your wish list. When you incorporate massage on a regular consistent basis; your health and well being can have a huge positive impact.

Routine is Key

Most individuals seeking relief from life’s on going tension or chronic pain management will best benefit from a massage 2 to 4 times a month depending on the severity. 

Individuals with minimal tension seeking basic maintenance and up keep should be comfortable with 1 massage a month.

The longer you space out your visit, the more opportunities your body has to rebuild new tension.

Your therapist can help recommend a routine that’s best suited for your body’s needs.


Our helpful way of cutting costs for those needing frequent massages.

60 min 3pack


(regular price $85.00 each)

90 min 3pack


(regular price $115.00 each)

120 min 3pAck


(regular price $135.00 each)

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